Project 1999 Working

I got Project 1999 working! Yay, I can play my classic EverQuest again! I had to find an old patch and then apply the new patch. I think they left something out in the most recent patch, so when I did a new install, it didn't take. Such is life. I also solved a lot [...]

Project 1999 Woes

I've spent all day trying to get Project 1999 up and running in wine, to no avail. I'm frustrated, annoyed, and just want to play my game. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually, but I'm running out of ideas. I've installed it before with success, but getting it to run on this computer has [...]

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020! Got my cameras together. I still need to replace the webcam, but I got my handhelds and my GoVision glasses out of storage for some other ideas I have going on. I'm thinking the GoVision glasses will give you a nice first person view when working on hardware. We'll see what happens. [...]

Christmas Expiramentation

I've done some experiments in preparation to doing the tutorials. I have gotten Samba to act as a DC, as well as support LDAP over TLS connections. There were a few hiccups here and there, but mostly it was just user error. For instance, I misunderstood the proper placement of the certificates. There was a [...]

Power Issues

Well, apparently I don't have enough power in my apartment to run both of my servers with all the other electrical appliances. Thank goodness this is only a temporary situation. I do plan on moving out within a year or two ( depending on the market ). That said, it really does put a damper [...]

Happy Holidays!

Good morning! It's that time of year again. Every December 25th, my job gives me a day off work! For many of you, this is a special day where your families get together and you open presents. I personally try to make sure that I reach out to my friends and family to let them [...]

Tutorial Project

I'm going through my skills, and brushing up on them a bit. I'll be putting together some tutorials on how to do basic networking and Linux type things over the next few months. I need to get my webcam out, and my microphone set up, but it should be a lot of fun for me. [...]

New Blog Install

Alright, I set up a new WordPress blog install. I converted the Clean Blog theme from StartBootstrap to a wordpress theme ( which you can get a copy of here ). It's not a perfect implementation of the theme, so if you have the skills, feel free to clone it and hack it into shape. [...]