SJ’s Laptop Died

SJ's laptop died today. I set her up temporarily with an extremely crap system that should have just enough power for her to play her game. That said, I do plan on setting some money aside to get her a better rig so that she can play games more comfortably without lag. Last minute hacked [...]

Home Lab now has AD setup

I've gone and setup AD on my home network ( using Samba 4 ), and I've reconfigured my main workstation to get credentials from it now. I'm going to migrate my other systems over as time goes on. One thing at a time. Get one system working, and move forward from there.

Blessed Warmth

The apartment has heat again! There was a stuck ball in the boiler, so none of the hot water goodness was circulating through our radiators. The heater guy the landlord came in and got it working again, but he told us that the ball valve needs to be replaced. He can't do it right now, [...]

Cold Winter Days

It's been pretty cold out, and the heater in the apartment is on the fritz. It works, but just not very well. I've taken to turning on the oven and running the fan to get the place warmer. It's less than ideal, however, we've reached out to the landlord, and they're going to send someone [...]

Data caps

I was downloading materials for my next project I'm preparing for, setting up a mirror of a Linux repository. The idea is that long-term, updates would be faster, and I wouldn't have to download copies of the same packages over and over again from the internet directly. Well, I hit my datacap for the month, [...]

Blog Hijinks

Apparently my last post and my custom theme decided to break the site. Thankfully I backup my posts every time I write or edit an entry, so nothing was lost. In any case, I had to cancel the custom theme for a bit until I can get a few things sorted out on my test [...]

Motherboard Failure

My home computer is experiencing a motherboard failure. I'm going to have to replace it. The symptoms showed up as the sound card completely stopped functioning. Financially, I'm not a great place in regards to this happening now. Not to worry, I'm still moving forward, but a few things might get delayed a bit. I'll [...]

Power Issues Resolved

I was able to solve the power issue with my server cabinet, and I'm finally building the raid for another Proxmox node to add to my cluster. I need to add one more node after this so I can set up failover and whatnot, but we'll get there when we get there. I seriously need [...]

Filming of Tutorials Starting

I've started filming the tutorials. There will be some editing ( not good editing since I can't afford an editor ) to do, but I imagine that the first tutorials should be coming out in February, possibly March. I'm waiting on some stuff from Amazon as well, so that might delay some of the projects [...]