I’ve started filming the tutorials. There will be some editing ( not good editing since I can’t afford an editor ) to do, but I imagine that the first tutorials should be coming out in February, possibly March. I’m waiting on some stuff from Amazon as well, so that might delay some of the projects a little longer than I would like. I’m going to try and start out slow, just one tutorial a month. I’m going to create more than one a month, but until I get a backlog going I don’t want to over-exert myself.

For now, the main thing I’m focusing on is keeping people updated on the project status so that you all don’t think it’s dropped by the wayside. I have set up a Patreon, but I’m not asking for anyone to sign up yet, as I haven’t even pushed my first work on this site. I’m also working on coding this site in python, because I really am not much of a fan of WordPress. It makes me jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops. When that goes live, these posts will get archived so that they are still available, and I’ll put up a static, read-only, copy for people to browse. That said, I don’t have a super amount of time to work on these projects unless they start making me enough money to dedicate more time to them, so don’t expect the new version of the site to come out for a while.

Once things do start running smoothly, if anyone decides to support me via Patreon, I’ll be taking suggestions for future projects from my paying supporters. I don’t promise I’ll do them all, but they’ll all be taken under consideration. The reason I don’t promise I’ll do them all, is because they may take resources that I don’t have, or be something I’m not familiar with, or just be too many. But even if they are unfamiliar to me, I’ll at least research them to see if it’s something I can handle. Of course, patrons will get the links to my videos before they go live, so early access and all that. I’ve not figured out how to do the early access to the blog posts as of yet. I’ll figure that out as time goes on.

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