I’ve spent all day trying to get Project 1999 up and running in wine, to no avail. I’m frustrated, annoyed, and just want to play my game. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually, but I’m running out of ideas. I’ve installed it before with success, but getting it to run on this computer has been nothing but a total PITA. It keeps complaining that my spell files are out of date. I’ve got a fresh Everquest Titanium Edition install, which I’ve patched with the latest files from their front page. I’ve talked to other people, they do not seem to be having this issue. I’m going to spin up a Windows 7 VM and install it there to see if I can resolve my problems, and if it works over there, I’m going to try copying it over to my wine folder and see if it’s just some weird Linux thing causing it not to install/patch correctly. Wish me luck.

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