Good morning! It’s that time of year again. Every December 25th, my job gives me a day off work! For many of you, this is a special day where your families get together and you open presents. I personally try to make sure that I reach out to my friends and family to let them know I’m still alive, and yes, I am happy with my life choices. This holiday season is a bit rough for me, but it’s all first world problems. My bills are paid, there’s a roof over my head, my heater works, and there’s food in my belly. It’s more of I haven’t had the money to do the fun things I want to do. Oh woe is me, whatever shall I do? I’ll be fine.

If that made you worried, don’t be, I’ve got my shit together. Next year will be much better and all the hardships I had this year were temporary. They were all the cost of getting myself into a position to have the best year I’ve ever had, at least economically. In other words, the reason I’m having a hard time now is because of sacrifices I made so that I can have an even better time than I could have had I not given up some things. It should all be worth it in the end.

Some of you are here, wondering, where are the Tutorials, Mark? Well, I’m working on it. I plan on having them out mid-January. There’s editing, proofreading, etc. Plus I want to make sure I have enough on the back burner so I can take a break if I want, and not feel too guilty for not having a post for you guys that day. I would also point out, even though there will be tutorials on this blog, that is not its primary purpose. Mainly, this is a meeting to just put out whatever comes to my mind at a given moment.

So, the year isn’t too bad, I’ve acquired two, used because I can’t afford new, Dell R610 servers. Yes, they are old. No, they are not loud. I’ve currently got them set up with dual Xeon X5650 processors, 48 GB RAM, and 6 TB in Raid 10 ( 3 TB usable ). They’re mirrors of each other, so I can work on one while the other is down. I’ve actually had them for about 2 years, but it took a while to get all the RAM and CPU’s in order to get them to the point where I wanted them, also I was moving a lot and getting stable. I’ve got them hooked into a Netgear ProSafe 16 Smart Switch ( GS716v2 ). I picked up the switch for $25 used. It works perfectly. I wanted a smart switch because it supports things like VDOM’s, and multicast ( There’s a project in there I haven’t announced yet ).

I’ve been working with my good friend, The Goth From Hoth, on replacing the stock artwork of this theme. Dena is such a lovely person, and a tremendous artist. She’s actually done quite a bit of work, and we’re just finalizing the details. Personally, I have the visual artistic capabilities of a man who was born blind. I can do some wonderful things given enough focus and time on code, but when it comes to the visual arts, I can’t even describe anything that effectively demonstrates how bad at it I am. Anyway, I’m rambling now, so I think I’ll this post here.

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