Alright, I set up a new WordPress blog install. I converted the Clean Blog theme from StartBootstrap to a wordpress theme ( which you can get a copy of here ). It’s not a perfect implementation of the theme, so if you have the skills, feel free to clone it and hack it into shape. I’m going to do some site specific enhancements to it that won’t be be included in the repo, such as personal graphics that really make this site mine, and a few other odds and ends. But I figured I’d at least give everyone the same starting point as myself.

I do plan on doing more to improve the implementation in the future, but I don’t have a whole lot of time to focus on it. I will of course update the repository when I make any such enhancements, just don’t expect them very often. At some point I have to make space in the theme for comments, but as of now, it doesn’t support them. Anyway, enjoy!

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